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Bear Creek Mining


Company Type: Junior/Exploration
Company HQ: Canada, Vancouver
Public/Private: Public
Exchanges: TSX-V
Symbol: BCM
Mine Locations: Peru
Commodities: Lead,Silver,Zinc
Total Funds Required: $585,000,000

Company Description

Bear Creek Mining Corporation is a leading Peru-focused silver exploration and development company with significant leverage to metal prices. Our strategy of focusing on precious metal opportunities in Peru is well-founded; we have a wealth of experience and intellectual capital exploring, developing and operating mineral deposits and mining operations in the country, a deep sense of social, cultural and environmental sensitivity, and a strong and extensive network of contacts and advisors. These strategic advantages have resulted in the discovery of numerous large mineral deposits in Peru, the establishment of strong community relationships and social licence, and the Company’s advancement from an exploration company to an emerging producer. Bear Creek’s flagship Corani Project contains reserves of approximately 230 million ounces of silver, 2.8 billion pounds of lead and 1.8 billion pounds of zinc. It is one of the largest and longest-life undeveloped silver deposits in the world. Over and above it’s world-class size, Corani stands alone by virtue of its substantial base metal credits, location in a mining-friendly jurisdiction and overwhelming community support. The Corani deposit will support average annual production of over 8 million ounces of silver and 200 million pounds combined lead and zinc over an 18-year mine life, with low All-In Sustaining Costs and fast payback of capital. Corani is highly leveraged to metal prices, with an increase of roughly $112 million in NPV for every $1 increase in the silver price (with proportional changes in lead and zinc prices). Bear Creek’s executives and directors have a substantial breadth and depth of experience discovering, advancing, financing, developing, constructing and operating mines in Latin America, and a demonstrated ability to judiciously manage shareholders' investment and maximize outcomes while minimizing costs.

Corani Project

Location of Mine: Peru,
Commodity Mined: Lead,Silver,Zinc
Project Stage: Construction/Development
Funds Required: $585,000,000
Funds to Be Used For: Construction
Annual Revenue: $0
Annual Output: 0 tons
Additional Information:

Bear Creek Mining’s Corani project hosts one of the largest undeveloped silver deposits in the world, with an estimated 225 million ounces of silver, 2.7 billion pounds of lead and 1.8 billion pounds of zinc. The project is at the final engineering phase prior to development wherein final permits are being sought and a mine plan fine-tuned. According to the Corani Feasibility Study filed on SEDAR ( in October 2017, the Corani deposit will support average annual production of approximately 8 million ounces of silver, 87 million pounds of lead and 57 million pounds of zinc, at low all-in sustaining costs over an 18-year mine life. Corani enjoys exceptional community support and Life of Mine Agreements with local communities are in place.

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