Dark Horse Resources


Company Type: Junior/Exploration
Company HQ: Australia, Brisbane
Public/Private: Public
Exchanges: ASX
Symbol: DHR
Mine Locations: Argentina,Argentina
Commodities: Lithium,Gold
Total Funds Required: $0

Company Description

Dark Horse Resources Ltd (ASX:DHR) is an Australian based mineral resource company, with a particular focus on Argentina, where it has invested in gold and lithium projects, with a goal to discover a multi-million ounce gold deposit, and be a producer of high grade Lithium Hydroxide for the domestic and international battery and electronic markets. Dark Horse also has a substantial holding (circa 40%) in Australian based oil and gas exploration company, Lakes Oil (ASX:LKO).

Pampa Litio Lithium

Location of Mine: Argentina, San Luis, Cordoba
Commodity Mined: Lithium
Project Stage: Advanced Exploration,Construction/Development
Funds Required: $0
Funds to Be Used For: Exploration,Development
Annual Revenue: $0
Annual Output: 0 tons
Additional Information:

The Pampa Litio Lithium Project has approximately 35,000ha of exploration licenses in San Luis and Cordoba provinces with prospective lithium bearing pegmatites fields and have good access to infrastructure. The pegmatite fields of San Luis and Cordoba have an important past record of producing mica, beryl, spodumene, tantalite (tantalum oxide), columbite (niobium oxide), and recently K-feldspar, albite and quartz. The fields contain more than 95% of the granitic pegmatites of the country, with mineral resources that have been mined during the past 80 years, producing the majority of the feldspar, quartz and mica plus Be-, Li-, Ta-, Bi- and Rb-bearing minerals.
Los Domos

Location of Mine: Argentina, Santa Cruz Province
Commodity Mined: Gold
Project Stage: Early Exploration
Funds Required: $0
Funds to Be Used For: Exploration
Annual Revenue: $0
Annual Output: 0 tons
Additional Information:

The Los Domos Project contains two exploration licences (Los Domos and Los Domos Norte) covering a combined area of approximately 105km2. The region is host to numerous multi‐million ounce, epithermal style gold‐silver deposits within Santa Cruz Province, which are large mines, including Cerro Vanguadia owned by AngoGold Ashanti, and Cerro Negro owned by Goldcorp. The Los Domos Project is considered prospective for gold and silver mineralisation associated with rhyolitic dome structures and epithermal quartz‐chalcedony vein / breccia systems and is under a farm‐in agreement between Dark Horse and Argentinean vendors.