Focus Ventures LTD


Company Type: Junior/Exploration
Company HQ: Canada, Vancouver
Public/Private: Public
Exchanges: TSX-V
Symbol: FCV
Mine Locations: Peru
Commodities: Phosphate
Total Funds Required: $170,000,000

Company Description

Focus Ventures, a Canadian-listed exploration company, is developing the Bayovar12 sedimentary phosphate project in northern Peru. The project is located close to existing port facilities and power, within one of the fastest growing fertilizer markets in the world. Phosphate is a vital nutrient and a key input in modern farming. Management's vision is to build Focus into a world leader in the production of direct application phosphate rock, serving high-demand markets throughout the world and contributing to the improvement of farm yields and sustainable agriculture. In May 2016 Focus published a restated Pre-feasibility Study for production of 1MT per year of phosphate rock concentrate grading 24 - 28% P205. The Study anticipates the open pit operation would generate a NPV of $458 million (7.5% discount rate) and a 26.3% IRR, with a payback of 3.9 years. Natural, direct application phosphate rock contains no added chemicals and is absorbed into the earth more efficiently and safely than processed fertilizers, saving farmers money, providing better yields and helping to minimize environmental impacts.

Bayovar12 Phosphate Project

Location of Mine: Peru, Piura
Commodity Mined: Phosphate
Project Stage: Advanced Exploration
Funds Required: $170,000,000
Funds to Be Used For: Development,Construction
Expected Annual Revenue: $400,000,000
Expected Annual Output: 1,000,000 tons
Additional Information:

The Bayovar 12 project is a conventional truck-loader open pit mine and a process plant that is designed to produce 24% and 28% P2O5 direct application phosphate rock fertilizer (DAPR) "products". Phosphate ore will be mined at a rate of 8,000 tonnes per day from 13 overburden-covered and laterally-continuous sedimentary phosphate beds, interlayered with diatomite waste or "interburden". Overburden, interburden and phosphate ore are free-digging and do not require drilling or blasting. Ongoing back-filling of the open pit is an integral part of a mine plan that is designed for progressive closure. The average W/O ratio is 7.2/1. The beneficiation process is simple and chemical-free using sea-water washing, scrubbing and de-sliming. Solid tailings and waste water will be stored in an adjacent tailings-evaporation pond ("TSF"). Fertilizer product will be trucked 40 km to a dedicated seaborne loading facility. The project is in an established phosphate mining district. At full capacity it will produce 1 million tonnes of fertilizer product per year over an initial mine life of 20 years and will supply a rapidly-growing market for natural and plant-ready DAPR products.